Jewels of Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani dishes are a blend of elements from Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, Mughal legacy and Iran. The food of this region is rich, mostly spicy and very nutritious. Pakistan generally has a bread culture where naan, bread, roti or paratha are used with curries.

Here are some treasures of the Pakistani cuisine:

1. Sai Bhaaji

Sai meaning green and Bhaaji meaning vegetables. Sai Bhaaji is a very creative dish of lentils, spinach, aborigine and various other vegetables. It is a Sindhi vegetarian curry considered as a rich source of nutrition due to its mix of various greens. They are served with Basmati rice or Roti.

2. Punj Ratani Daal

Punj Ratani Daal is all your favorite Daal combined and cooked together. It is also called Panchratana Daal, word Panchratana means five jewels. It is usually accompanied by Roti or plane White Rice.

3. Ka’ak

Native dish of Balochistan also known as patthar ki roti (stone bread), made  by rolling a flattened dough over a preheated stone and then baking it in a Tandoor. It is very hard after it is baked. It is also called Kurnoo and is to be eaten with freshly cooked Saji or Dampukhat.

4. Kat-a-Kat

A savory dish made with mutton testicles, heart, brain and kidney as its main ingredients. These ingredients are first boiled then fried with onions, ginger, turmeric, chili powder, cumin seeds and cinnamon. Kat-a-Kat is special because it’s a dish that plays in your ears first. The name Kat-a-Kat mimics the sound of metal blades when the meat is cut on hot metal pans. Another unique version of Kat-a-Kat is Fish Kat-a-Kat.

5. Maghaz

Maghaz also known as Brain Masala, Maghaz Masala or Bheja Fry is a dish made from cow, sheep or goat brain as its main ingredient. It is spicy masala to give it a perfect traditional taste. It is best served with Paratha.

6. Ojhri

Ojhri or Buttain refer to the inside of a cow’s stomach. It’s texture looks like a towel. It is usually served in a curry. Before being cut it looks like a big white balloon literally full of shit. It is cut, cleaned and then cooked in loads of spices.

7. Dumchi

Dumchi’s main ingredient is the chicken tail bone. That part is very small but still many people find it tasty and it is sold at many restaurants. Dumchi Chicken Tikka is among the famous street food of Pakistan which is full of protein and fat.

8.Dunba Karahi

Made by the meat of lamb, Dunba Karahi is a dish of the dry north of Pakistan. It is made in the fat of lamb and is relatively lesser spicy than the rest of the Karahi family. Dunba means lamb and Karahi is the bowl which is used to cook it in. It is one of the most nutritious dish containing all energy needed to keep warm in low and dry weathers.

9. Mamtu

Mamtu also known as Mantu are the dumplings of North. It is a traditional cuisine of Gilgit-Baltistan. The most unique thing about them are that they are steam boiled. Filled with chopped meat, onion garlic and chili these dumplings are served with special sauce and toppings.

10. Dowdo

Chap’chy dowdo also called Hunza soup is a special soup made in Hunza and other regions of Gilgit-Baltistan during winters. What can be better than a thick creamy soup full of wheat noodles, mustard greens shreds of carrots or thin slices of potato when you are coming back from a snowy exterior.

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