From a Child Actor To a Professional Chef, Meet Furqan Latif Johri

You remember that family drama ‘Ashiyana’? Irfan Khoosat, Waseem Abbas, Seemi Zaidi, Maria Wasti, Amanat Chan? Well among its gigantic cast was a cute little boy who played Waleed, the youngest brother of the family.

His name is Furqan Latif Johri and hes grown-up to be a professional chef! sat down with Furqan Latif Johri for bit to explore his transition from a child actor to a pro-chef!


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a professional chef with 10 years of working experience.

Which dish do you think you make the best?
There aren’t any specific. I like combining old dishes and innovating. So the dishes I like dont really have standard names for them.

What lead you to this career?
My father was in the hotel industry. It was his dream.

Who was your ideal growing up?
Like every other kid my father was my ideal.

Which event in life has influenced you the most?
My first kitchen class.

You were a child star in Ashiyana. How was the acting experience?
Fun yet hectic. Acting seems like a fun task but it becomes tiring and hectic when you have to retake again and again and do the same thing all day.

Would you be interested in another drama series if offered?
Definitely yes! I would want to play in  a production with a strong plot, story-line not typical one.

What do you like better acting or cooking?
A chief is always going to choose cooking no matter what.

Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?
Owning a couple of award winning restaurants and a brand or product which would keep on running, like a chocolate brand or something.

How do you describe satisfaction in life?
Being happy with what you are doing in your life.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced till now?
Working abroad, finding jobs in restaurants especially language issue when I was working in Europe as English is not their first language. Many people with whom I was working couldn’t speak English.

Ann Frank once said that people are basically good inspite of everything. Do you agree, disagree. Why?
Yes I agree. No body wants to be bad. Surroundings and environments makes you who you are.

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