‘Consider me Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia’

“Consider me Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia” says Saudi Crown Prince. This is a strong note after the two days of Saudi Prince visit to Pakistan.

We could sense many changes and thought provoking developments during his visit. Saudi Prince gave respect to Prime Minister of Pakistan and visualized a prosperous Pakistan.

Saudia Arabia proved to be a good friend by investing 20 billion dollars in Pakistan in a difficult situation from which Pakistan is going through. The MOUs which both countries signed were of technical cooperation, cooperation in sports, import of Saudi goods, investment opportunities in refinery and petrochemical sector, investment in power sector and mineral resources.

India does not like the present developments in Pakistan and the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit has disappointed India even more. The friendship bond between the founding fathers of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia was cultivated when Pakistan came into being.

When it was the struggling time for Pakistan, Saudia Arabia signed a Treaty of Friendship in 1951. In the war of 1965 and 1971 with India, Saudia Arabia helped Pakistan as friend. When Pakistan tested its nukes, it was only Saudia who stood by it. Pakistan provided military expertise as a good will gesture to Saudia. Now in 2019 Saudi Prince came with 1000 officials including 40 top Saudi businessmen and PM Imran Khan gave due respect and honour to the Saudi delegation.

PM Imran Khan himself drove the car with the prince to the PM house. The Saudi Prince immediately gave orders to release 2107 prisoners from Saudi jails on the request of PM Imran Khan.

The crux of the visit was seen by the whole world when the Prince did not comply with the desire of the Indian Prime Minister to condemn Pakistan for Palwama Incident.

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