‘You are not alone’- Barber Shaves own Head to Pay Heartwarming Tribute to Cancer Patient

ALICANTE: A heartening clip, showing a barber shaving his own head as a tribute to his fellow cancer patient, is capturing the hearts of people around the globe.

The clip was shared thousands of times and was originally posted by the barber to whom his colleague visited while having mild hair loss amid chemotherapy.

The cancer patient, who had gone to get his hair shaved by his colleague, with mild hair loss turned emotional when the barber started shaving his head.

The barber had set up a camera to capture the exceptional moment while shaving the head of his colleague.

The hairstylist, Ortega, while paying tribute to the survivor said ‘You are not alone’. For those who do not know Ortega, he is not just a co-worker, for me, he is more of a brother. I love you bro, he further added.

The incredible act of his colleague left Martin breaking down as he was left overwhelmed by the occasion.

It is to be noted that the two men work together at the Lords and Barbers barbershop in Alicante- a port city in southeast Spain.

Here’s the full clip:

Junaid Bin Usman
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