Lahore Declared Polio-Free after five Samples Test Negative

LAHORE: Even as novel Covid-19 grapples Punjab capital with its most intense wave, the metropolitan city has successfully eradicated poliovirus.

Yes, Pakistan’s second-largest city has been declared free from the contagious virus. The incumbent Deputy Commissioner Muddassir Riaz Malik on Sunday confirmed the development while speaking with press personnel.

Malik also took to micro-blogging site Twitter where he claimed that the fifth environmental sample taken from the Lahore city for the poliovirus has tested negative. Previous four samples for the contagious virus had tested negative.

Malik hailed the district administration and health department and called the moment a huge mutual achievement. The DC also urged to work together to maintain this landmark and continue to vaccinate maximum children.

Meanwhile, the polio campaign in different parts of the south asian country faced many obstructions including targeted attacks by right-wing groups who’d attacked health workers.

Recently, Pakistan has begun a nationwide polio eradication campaign on March 29 to vaccinate over 40.1 million children under the age of five.

The Poliovirus is transmittable and spreads through person-to-person contact. It lives in an infected person’s throat and intestines. It affects minors and in some cases leads to irreversible paralysis. It can also be fatal when breathing muscles are affected. There is no cure for this virus but the vaccine protects children for life.

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