Fact Check: Fake News of Misprinted iPhone 11 makes it a collector’s item

TOKYO: In another case of misreporting in the tech world, several technology publications claimed that the Apple iPhone 11 with an extremely misaligned logo had apparently increased its price and sold it for $2,700.

The facts stated otherwise as it all started when a Japanese man who has been struggling to sell a misprinted Apple device flooded with attractive offers from buyers after photos of his rare iPhone became the recent subject of fake news making rounds on different social media platforms and tech blogs.

A South Korean publication reported that a phone with a misaligned Apple logo had apparently sold for $2,700 as the US-based tech giant is so stringent that whenever design errors slip by, the handheld in question becomes somewhat of a rare and worth buying.

The whole scenario turned out to be a dud, like many other sensations and it got real hype as many tech sites picked the story without doing any research.

A Twitter handle “Internal Archive” posted that the misprinted iPhone had sold for 2700$ because the fault was 1 in 100 million or possibly even rarer”. Soon after the post went viral it reached the actual owner of the phone, who later replied to the tweet stated that it was his phone and that they still had it.

The owner clarified that it was an iPhone 11 Pro Max and that he had actually struggled to sell his valuable iPhone. No one wanted to buy an iPhone with a manufacturing defect.


But that’s not the end of the road for him as the viral fake news alarmed the collectors which all of a sudden approached the owner to inquire if the device is still for sale.

The whole auction development brings to an end after the owner, who once was desperate to sell it, said ‘No, I’m not selling it right now,”

The internet sensation has increased the device price than the alleged $2,700, just as the story has gone viral, and now it really is a collector’s item.

Junaid Bin Usman
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