Facebook Skirted its Own Rules to Protect India’s BJP from Disciplinary Measures

CALIFORNIA: In another bias behavior of social media giant Facebook, the U.S based company failed to take any action against the Indian ruling party network, which had already violated its policies by using fake accounts for political gains.

The biased pattern of Facebook is another example of holding the powerful to lower standards than it does regular users.

The company busted the fake accounts but halted any action when it found evidence that the Indian ruling party member was directly involved in the network.

A former data scientist for the social media giant, who unearthed the network, said Facebook has carved out a different course of action for the rich (or powerful) and contrasting for the other half as many politicians abused the platform to manipulate political discourse around the globe.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party also executed the alleged scheme in the year 2014.

Earlier in 2019, four sophisticated networks of suspicious accounts, including two networks of BJP and the other two of Congress, were busted which were involved in producing fake likes, comments, and reactions.

An Indian researcher explaining the motive to run the fake accounts networks in India. The attraction of a politician is now determined by his social media engagement as it doesn’t directly help acquire real power, but it has become a means to enter politics and rise up in the ranks, the expert added.

Soon after an international outlet exposed the bias of a social media giant, a company spokesperson while answering queries refutes the rumours however the representative did not respond to questions about why the accounts had not been checkpointed in December.

Junaid Bin Usman
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