16 Patients Lose Vision After Undergoing Surgery Done Under Sehat Card in Multan (VIDEO)

MULTAN – Nearly 16 people claimed to have lost their eyesight after cataract surgeries at Laeeque Rafiq hospital in Multan, it was learnt Saturday.

Patients of a batch of 16 operated on the panel of Sehat Sahulat Programme and almost 11 of the patients were affected from post-surgery infections. Patients experienced pain in their eyes a few hours after their respective surgeries at the private and lost their eyesight.

Dr Hasnain Mushtaq who operated on all these patients came under fire for alleged negligence during eye operations. Clarifying the situation, the Multan-based ophthalmologist said he has operated on thousands of patients in almost 2 decades. I used my best expertise to operate the first batch of patients in the Laeeq Rafique Hospital as well. Nothing went wrong on that day. Complications started after two, three days and the reason behind these complications could be certain infections’, the eye surgeon added.

The hospital administration while speaking of the incident mentioned that all of the surgeries were conducted under Sehat Insaf card and were carried out free of cost.

This was the first batch of the patients whose surgeries were being conducted, the board of the hospital decided that patients would be selected from Sehat Insaf Card recipients and their surgeries will be conducted free of cost, the hospital spokesperson added.

The infection control committee has collected all the samples and halted the operations until the completion of investigations.

Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar also took notice and has directed the health officials to investigate the matter and to arrest the concerned persons.


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