Rescuing Pets Through Diet – Food Saving Lives of Pets


How did you come up with the idea of Pawsome?

So basically, I’ve kept pets for some time now, but a year back I got a pug dog, and he got canine distemper. Its a deadly disease, I’ve lost 3 dogs to this disease. This disease is curable at an early stage but a few symptoms still linger on especially if it’s a puppy. This disease starts from diarrhea and attacks the dog’s nervous system. That was the first time the doctor suggested I should try homemade food for my dogs. Gilbert was in the hospital when I started to study food for pets and consulted in its regard.

During this study my cat, Shere Khan, suffered from liver failure. The doctor told me that homemade food would serve as major treatment for this. This was when I started experimenting with different recipes and started observing both my pets in a different way; that’s how I developed more interest. I started off by preparing food for my own pets, and later I started helping out my close friends with it too. They witnessed changes in their pets coats, skin and stool, and most importantly, their pets had become more active. And here I am today.

Tell us about Shere Khan and Glibert

Our golden Persian cat, Shere Khan, lovingly known as Sheru, arrived in April 2013. In late 2019, Shere Khan started losing a lot of weight and by January 2020, the vet said his liver was failing and he would probably die. He was so weak he could barely walk, his coat turned silver-grey from golden. Thankfully, Shere Khan got better after weeks of treatment and by switching him to homemade food that could pack in all the necessary moisture and nutrients needed for an aging cat with liver problems.

Today, the meows of Shere Khan tell us Pawsome food has changed his life. He has a softer and brighter coat, smaller more compact stool with less odor, increased energy, greater alertness and better oral health.

Gilbert the pug, became a member of our family on December 26, 2019. In mid-February, a trip to the vet due to severe diarrhea revealed that Gilbert had canine distemper. That is a viral disease having 50 percent survival rate for puppies.

For 21 days, Gilbert battled diarrhea and frequent seizures. On one afternoon, after being paralyzed for several hours, doctors said there was less than five percent chance of him surviving. But the fighter in our little puppy didn’t give up. Despite grim prospects of Gilbert’s complete recovery, today he is a happy and healthy pup and we know that a big reason for this is his human-grade, all-natural Pawsome diet!

What specific quality control measures do you use to assure the consistency and quality of your product line?

Concerns over quality of dog food ingredients, and an increased focus on how food affects our pet’s health, led us to consider making homemade food for our ailing pets. This is our prime concern. We tried many recipes that maintain nutritional integrity as well as use fresh human-grade ingredients and came up with the perfect formula that combines lean protein, vegetables and grains. By the way, I get my ingredients from the same people who provide food to the best restaurants of Lahore like ‘Hot n’ Spicy,’ Novu etc with clean halal chicken. I cook, mash and pack food myself. I have helpers who wash the chicken to the point that you can cook it for yourself.

Where are your diets produced and manufactured?

The diets are produced and manufactured at my house, in my kitchen. Under my strict observation.

What is the complete nutrient analysis of your best-selling dog and cat food, including digestibility values?

The complete nutrient analysis depends on weight, breed and activity. Just like a dog that has very little attention at home and has no activity, we cannot give it food which is made for an active dog. Otherwise it will start gaining weight. So, before you give your dog food we would have to check if it is an active dog, an old dog, a young dog or a puppy.

How to select pet food that is actually good for the pet’s health?

Just like humans if we are given the same food every day, even if its the world’s tastiest food, at one point you will get fed up. Same is the case with pets, if we give them the same food over and over again it would not be as efficient. You have to keep making changes in their food.

Wisha Adnan
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