Rent-a-Womb, Surrogacy and Pakistan

Medical science has made extreme advancements in its particular field and is doing wonders everyday. People are amazed by the discoveries of medical sciences. A new remedy has been introduced by doctors for childless couples, which is known as “IVF-In Vitro fertilization”. According to this, if any woman is unable to conceive, then sperms of her husband is made to mate with her eggs in a secure environment of laboratory and after that when it transforms into an embryo, it is transferred into the body of another woman. She then serves the role of surrogate mother and helps the childless couple.

It’s an incredible thing how medical science is giving their best to serve mankind and cure every possible disease, but this is quite disturbing and alarming at the same time and very questionable. One is not confident about the contamination in the labs or intermingling of samples. A recent example of such a case is portrayed in a blockbuster Bollywood movie, “Good News”, where samples get intermingled and a fiasco of confusions are ignited.

“And we created you in pairs” : Allah (SWT) says that a couple is a foundation of the house. When a couple conceives, that’s a happiest moment for them, they want to scream, and want to bow in front of their Lord. They thank Almighty for this blessing. Then, they begin a new life. The period of conception i.e, 9 months is the most beautiful period of their lives. The first few moments with the baby are out of the world for the mother. She carries her baby for nine months which means approximately 280 days till the time of giving birth. She tolerates the deadliest pain which calculates to be equal of breaking 280 bones. Its not that all the hardships are faced by the mother alone, fathers also enjoy these nine months in pain, excitement, and anxiety. He waits for days and night during those nine months. The fathers are the person dealing with the mood swings of the baby’s mother. But today it’s very sad that people are producing babies artificially, by the help of a surrogate mother which acts as a carrier for the couple.

How is the couple so sure about the DNA makeup of the child? There’s a great possibility that in the lab, different genes get mixed. I mean then it’s not a child, you are producing a product. And then the question also arises as to whether the child is legitimate or illegitimate. Because Allah (SWT) has said this in Surah-Al-Mujadalah:

“Their mothers are only those who conceived them and gave birth to them.”

From this verse of Holy Quran it’s been made clear that the biological mother will be considered as real mother.

I’m not against couples who do this. But what is more pure is having faith in Allah. There should not be any shred of doubt that being a couple without a child is best for you right now. Allah has better plans for you and He always does the best for His people. The more pure the connection with God the more at ease you would be about this. The only thing that you should be worried about is the pressure of society. And people have their own ways of dealing with such aunties.

What I mean is, if a couple does not have a child, then it’s nothing but a blessing in disguise. But still if you want to have a baby, please don’t opt unethical ways. Adopt a baby and start bringing him up, there is a great dhwab (swab) in our religion for being a guardian of an orphan child.

Surrogacy is considered as ‘haram’ in our religion and it’s also illegal in Pakistan. It’s sad that in spite of its illegitimacy it is being practiced in our country.

Lets not be inspired by the west. Their system does not give you assurance of a prosperous family life. I personally think it is unethical because you hire a girl and you are paying her for doing this. Isn’t it disgusting? Mostly girls from Thailand are hired for this purpose. In a documentary, a reporter asked a surrogate girl if she developed feelings for the child? And she answered:-

“At the time of birth, we are not allowed to see the child. Most of the time we request to see the child but its good not to see it, because then we wish to keep the child.”

It’s heart wrenching. The society points fingers at surrogate mothers saying she’s a bastard. How can she conceive when she’s not even married. But in spite of all these facts, she decides to help a childless couple just because she’s helpless and wants money.

It’s said that a child is a mixture of family because he gets his traits from his parents, siblings, relatives etc. But if you are producing a baby by this method, then it’s obvious that the child will carry traits and habits of his surrogate mother in his genetic makeup.

Here, another point arises that the mother will not have that much affection and feelings for the child. This is because she’s not the one who gave birth to the child. She has not faced the pains, she has not carried him for nine months. Those motherly feelings will be felt by those who participate in this. In this case however, the mother is not even given the right to call herself the mother of the baby whom she just gave birth to. And what change would this bring in the child that is born. This idea would mess that baby up in so many ways as time passes.

I’m not against technology. I’m just saying that technology should be used in a positive way. Don’t use it unethically. I mean it’s becoming a trend like Karan Johar. He’s not married yet, but in spite of his bachelorhood, he is enjoying as a single parent of twins by the help of this method. So, living in an Asian society would you call it ethical?

Making this a trend would have far flung implications. The entire universe is created by Him and if we disrupt nature, there is chaos. It is said by Allah in Surah-Al-Muminun:

“Whose ever goes beyond the the limits are indeed transgressors.”

Does anyone want to be transgressor? No one. Then why use these haram methods to get a cure? Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) has said that,

“Allah has not placed cure in haram.”

Instead, we should use technological powers to produce pure and clean water. To produce more good quality food for those who starve to death. Use technology for a positive purpose, not for commercial reasons.

Zainab Zafar
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