Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is real! Here’s all you need to know…

Women are the most delicate, elegant, and fragile creation of Allah Almighty. Allah has blessed women with very unique features and characteristics that are far impressive than men. But at the very same time, Allah has also created health issues for women to be unique such as their kind. 

Women have some weird and serious problems regarding their hormones. I believe that their hormones are too very feisty like themselves which can not be seated quietly. There is a condition which is known as “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)” which is very common nowadays and women in a very huge number are becoming its victims. 

It is a very weird and strange kind of disease that actually affects the hormone level of women. This disease releases male hormones in females, which further causes an imbalance in the female body and results in skipping of her menstrual cycle, and also prevents her from being pregnant. Mostly women of childbearing age, get this disease and strange fact is this that they do not know that what is happening in their body. According to a study, it has been concluded that around 70% of women were suffering from PCOS without being aware of it. As the name suggests, it has multiple cysts which have three main features; cysts in the ovaries, high levels of male hormones, and irregular or skipped periods.

The main symptoms of PCOS include; irregular periods, heavy bleeding, hair growth on the face and body, acne, weight gain, male pattern baldness, darkening of the skin, and headache. This condition has unknown causes even doctors are not able to reach out to its original causes. Doctors believe that high levels of male hormones prevent ovaries from producing hormones and producing eggs normally. Genes, insulin resistance, and inflammation cause excess androgen production. Obesity is also observed to be a noticeable factor for PCOS. It further affects a woman’s body in many different hazardous ways such as infertility, it also causes metabolic syndrome in women. It also causes a condition which is called “sleep apnea” in which woman experiences repeated pauses in breathing during the night, which interrupts her sleep. PCOS can also cause endometrial cancer and last but not least it gives an invitation to depression. 

In short, it’s a very serious disease that needs attention and awareness at the same time.  This needs to be treated in a very smart way. As its causes and factors are still unknown therefore there is also a hole for its treatment too. But there are remedies and innovative ways for its treatment. It can be cured with the help of a balancing diet, a low glycemic diet that gets more carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps in the regulation of the menstrual cycle, and also improves ovulation and insulin level. With a healthy and balanced diet, a punch of exercise is also valuable in this regard. 

If you are looking for medical treatment then there are other options too. Taking estrogen and progestin daily can restore normal hormone balance and regulate ovulation. This can be taken in the form of pills. The other medical treatment is the usage of metformin. Metformin is drug use to treat type 2 diabetes which also treats PCOS by maintaining the insulin level. Then another drug is also used in treating PCOS which is clomiphene. Clomiphene is actually a fertility drug that helps women with PCOS to get pregnant. Hair removal medicines are used to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. The last option is then surgery. Surgery is used as an option when other methods fail to work. Ovarian drilling is a procedure that is done in surgery, which in turn helps to restore normal ovulation. 

Zainab Zafar
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