Pakistan’s Online Shopping in Shambles

Massive delays in orders, wrong/defected items sent, incorrect sizes and colours, lengthy money return procedures and pathetic customer service is where the COVID-19 online shopping spree has brought Pakistani cyber shoppers, has learnt.

As the rest of the country was in a lock-down, online shops were quietly minting money in this ‘once in a life time chance.’ Owing to the lock-down, a fat percentage of walk-in shoppers was efficiently converted into online shopping traffic. It would be safe to say many big names in online shopping broke their own previous records. Getting carried away with the sound of lock-down sales, brands and courier companies both booked orders more than their own capacity creating a giant bottleneck in deliveries. Adding insult to injury, brands are not answering queries of customers caught in some kind of a problem.

As shoppers have begun realizing the prevailing online shopping situation even regarding big brands like J., Khaadi, Shapphire,, Limelight Alkaram and others. They express their concerns over social media (identities of customers and groups have been blurred as company policy and shall be produced on request).

This ill-fated person here ordered airpods from and received a damaged product.

This person received a completely different item than of what she ordered. And when she tried to complain, she was blocked from all platform.

This person ordered a shirt and shorts and did not receive the size he ordered.

Wisha Adnan
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