‘Not Hitting Indian Submarine, a Gesture of Peace’

Shocks waves were sent all over when Pakistani Navy claimed to have detected an Indian submarine parked in Pakistani water zone on Tuesday morning

As soon as the Indian Submarine was detected the Pakistani high ups were informed after which this news spread like wild fire in the Pakistani mainstream media.

According to Pakistan Navy spokesperson Indian submarine was detected near Pakistan’s sea zone which was intervened by the navy on time.

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He further added “the Indian submarine was not targeted which is a reflection of Pakistan’s desire for peace.” “Learning a lesson from this incident, India too should show its inclination towards peace,” he added. He said that the Pakistani Navy is capable of giving a jaw breaking response to any aggression.

Remember that submarine is used to penetrate behind enemy lines undetected and sabotage the enemy from within. Detecting a hidden submarine is considered a great success in military tactics.

This is the second time since November 2016 that an Indian submarine tried to entre in Pakistani waters.  Due to timely response of the Pakistan Navy at both times the Indian submarines had to retreat.

After several attempts by Indian Army and the Indian Air Force now the Indian Navy had stepped up. Pakistan has already answered to the Indian aggression in the previous week by shooting down two Indian jets in broad day light and capturing a pilot.


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