Muslim Forced to Eat Pork During Detention in Texas

A Muslim truck driver who was detained by the Border Patrol Officers for not having complete documents was forced to eat pork during detention was told.

Adnan Asif, a truck driver in Ohio State, worked at his cousin’s company. Adnan was detained by Border Patrol Officers while coming back from Texas carrying broccoli. His cousin, Ramiz Hafiz while talking to said that  Adnan calls him often from detention. He said that Adnan was forced to eat pork. “Adnan had told them very clearly at multiple times that he was a Muslim and Islam prohibits pork, but  they tell him to eat this or die,” said Ramiz. He said that its been 6 days that he has been kept in detention and being fed pork sandwich after every eight hours.

Ramiz said that they had a discriminatory behavior with him too. He said that when he went to meet Adnan he was harshly checked even though he was wearing a short and a T-shirt and touched at inappropriate places.

His wife Jennifer started a campaign ‘help for living & my husband’s case expenses’. This has raised $400 till now.

“We both met on a dating app in Colombus two years ago ,” Jennifer, Asif’s wife told “All we have tried to do is be a family and be legal. Every step of the way has been completely complicated. It’s hard not to be discouraged.”

US Congress Woman Grace Meng demands investigations and justice for Adnan Asif.

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