Modi’s YouTube Video Scores Above 1 million ‘Dislikes’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India is trending these days as one of his official videos has crossed over 1 million dislikes on YouTube.

‘Mann Ki Baat’ is an Indian radio program hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. PM Modi is known to addresses All India Radio once a month. The 68th show aired on August 30, 2020 has crossed over a million dislikes. This video was posted by BJP’s official YouTube channel.

Modi touched on a number of issues in the broadcast and lauded people for maintaining unprecedented restraint and simplicity in celebrating festivals during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also praised farmers for their hard work but  ironically missed something of utter importance for the students of India. The video is now crossing more than 1.1M dislikes, setting a personal record for PM Modi, and 376k likes and has been viewed 6,700,116 times while the channel has 3.12M subscribers.

The main reason for public anger and retaliation is that the citizens of India were expecting that the PM would talk about the issue of Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) exams. However, the PM skipped the topic completely and social media users, mostly students, expressed their disappointment with the government’s decision in the comments section. Many also took a dig at PM Modi for speaking about dog breeds and toys instead of exams postponement which can effect millions of futures.

#Mann_Ki_Nahi_Students_Ki_Baat started trending on Twitter soon after the episode was aired. Many on YouTube and Twitter questioned the Prime Minister for not talking about JEE and NEET exams.

Meanwhile, the clip uploaded by Narendra Modi’s channel has 202K likes and 276K dislikes while the PMO channel has 103K likes and 186K dislikes. In addition, the comments option for the video has been turned off.

Many comments on the videos reflected a sense of dissatisfaction for Modi not addressing the issue of the ongoing NEET/JEE examinations which has been debated by many state governments and political parties. While addressing the public, PM also highlighted the contributions of canines, in general, in thwarting numerous bomb blasts and terror conspiracies while mentioning a few incidents. Even in relief operations, dogs play a crucial role in finding out the people buried under rubble, he said. PM Modi’s failure to address the citizen’s life altering concerns has enraged the worlds largest democratic country’s student body.



Wisha Adnan
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