Karachi witnesses hottest day of April since 1947

KARACHI: The Sindh capital has broken a 74-year old record with a scorching temperature of 44 degrees Celsius making April 3 the hottest day since the creation of Pakistan.

According to the weather forecasts officials, the last time the temperature had touched this high in 1947 when it had soared up to 44.4˚C. At 1 pm in the afternoon, the temperature in the port city was recorded at 42 degrees.

The largest metropolitan city of Pakistan is experiencing south-easterly winds at a speed of 15 to 20 km per hour while the humidity is recorded at 5 percent.

The metrological officials blamed the break in the sea breeze which made the temperature intensely hot. Busy highways turned deserted as the heatwave barred the people in their homes.

Health experts also advised people to avoid going outdoor unnecessarily. They also urged to wear thin clothes and increase water intake as much as possible.

Interior Sindh cities have also experienced scorching temperatures as the highest temperature recorded in Nawabshah was 41˚C.

Apart from the high temperature, the air quality of the Sindh capital has also reduced on the air quality index. AQI in the fourth most polluted city in the world was recorded at 164 on Saturday while a score of 151 to 200 is considered harmful.


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