Farhan, Urwa Manhandled at Imaan Ali’s Wedding

After all the happy dancing videos surfacing on the internet of Imaan Ali’s wedding with Maj Aziz Bhatti Shaheed’s grandson Babar Aziz Bhatti, it looks like the event didn’t go as smooth as it was shown over the internet, especially not for the celebrity couple Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hussain.

Multiple sources present at the wedding have confirmed othernews.pk that a brawl broke out at the Nikkah ceremony of Imaan Ali which involved Urwa Hussain, Farhan Saeed and a friend of the groom who is said to be a renowned polo player from Lahore.

Despite having different speculations on how the brawl was started, all sources present at the wedding have out-rightly confirmed that such an incident did take place. People at the wedding heard Urwah cursing loudly while Farhan Saeed was seen caught up in a scuffle with the groom’s friends which lasted for half a minute.

The most common reason behind the scuffle is said to be that the groom’s friend accidentally tripped and nudged Urwa Hussain which got her infuriated. She exploded at the man asking who he was. “Tum ho kon, tumhain yahan per bulaya kisnay hai, tum yahan aye kaisay ho,” said Urwa.

This offended the groom’s friend and both started shouting and cursing at each other.
Farhan Saeed on seeing this came along with his friends which triggered a brawl between the two parties that didn’t end well for Farhan Saeed. People present at the event jumped in and took Farhan and Urwah out from the skirmish and cooled down matters.

Sources at the wedding say that this incident happened towards the very end of the event. No complain or FIR was registered at the local police station. It is also rumored that special instructions were given out to people who saw this incident to not to speak to the media about it. This event took place at Bhatti Farms, Lahore.

Farhan Saeed was contacted but he refused to talk on the matter.
Urwa Hussain was also contacted but she also refrained to talk. Later through a text message she denied having any involvement in the incident.

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