Deaths on Live Facebook Streaming

The most striking aspect of the tragic New Zealand incident was that the whole incident was being aired live on Facebook. Though terrorists have used communication tools like video taping killings and later uploading it online, but this was the first time that a terrorist attack was being aired live on the internet.

It’s not that the Facebook live tool has never been abused by usual users either. Many tragic incidents have been aired live on Facebook. Here are some of the violent events that happened live on social media.

  • Torching: Jared McLemore, 33, died from severe burns after torching himself outside a packed bar in Memphis, he put the lubricant on himself and fired the liquid. Chilling screams can be heard in the background of the Facebook Live clip which was reportedly taken down after being online for six hours and having been shared thousands of times.
    McLemore was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries.

  • Heartbroken man commits suicide: A heartbroken young man shot himself live on Facebook. The horrific video was streamed on the account of a Turkish man Erdogan Ceren. The horrific video shows the shotgun being pointed firmly at his chest with footage still rolling. He tells the camera he plans to commit suicide because his girlfriend had broke up with him.
    He said on the camera: “No one believed me when I said I will kill myself – so watch this.”

  • Dad hangs 11 year old girl and himself: Dad hangs himself and his eleven month baby on Facebook after accusing that his girlfriend cheated him. Wuttisan Wongtalay, 20, accused partner Jiranuch Trirat, 21, of cheating on him before disappearing with their 11-month old child ‘Beta’ in Phuket, Thailand. The twisted father climbed a building and opened Facebook live stream before looping a rope round his daughter’s neck and throwing her off the edge.

  • School girl gang raped: A school girl, 15 was gang raped by six men live on Facebook in Chicago. Surprisingly not a single viewer out of 40 reported the tragic event. Cops found out about the tragedy when girl’s mom called the police after seeing the horrifying video.
    Facebook has taken down the video and the girl has been reunited with her family.
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