Countries With Lowest Score in Corona Counts

Amidst growing global tensions of corona, there are still some countries watching all this unfold and not having to do as much as work as other administrations facing the storm.

There are 6 countries with zero reported cases of Coronavirus so far. There are 35 countries which have reported 10 or less than 10 cases of COVID-19 to date. There are 85 countries that still have 100 or lesser cases till now. Which are these countries and what do they have in common, sheds some light.

Sierra Leone, Yemen, South Sudan, Botswana, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are countries which have not reported any coronavirus cases till now. In fact Tajikistan has kept its football league match schedule unchanged and is currently the only event going on across the globe (with no fans at stadiums). 

Countries still having 10 or less than 10 reported cases of coronavirus are as follows. 

Saint Pierre Miquelon – 1 case

South Sudan – 1 case

Timor-Leste – 1 case

Caribbean Netherlands – 2 cases

Falkland Islands – 2 cases

Papua New Guinea – 2 cases

Anguilla- 3 cases

British Virgin Islands – 3 cases

Burundi –  3 cases

Gambia – 4 cases

Sao Tome and Principe – 4 cases

Western Sahara – 4 cases

Bhutan – 5 cases

Malawi – 8 cases

Botswana – 6 cases

Mauritania – 6 cases

Nicaragua – 6 cases

Montserrat – 6 cases

St. Barth – 6 cases

Sierra Leone – 6 cases

BelizeCabo Verde – 7 cases

Vatican City – 7 cases

St. Vincent Grenadines – 7 cases

Somalia – 7 cases

Turks and Caicos – 8 cases

CAR – 8 cases

MS Zaandam – 9 cases

Nepal – 9 cases

Chad – 10 cases

Suriname – 10 cases

Zimbabwe – 10 cases

Mozambique – 10 cases

Saint Kitts and Nevis – 10 cases

Eswatini – 10 cases


China remains on top in terms of total number of recovered patients. China bettered 77,200 corona patients and sent them home. 

USA is on top in terms of total number of tests conducted per country. Italy remains on top in terms of death per country – 17127 deaths till publishing of this news. Second is Spain with with around 14000 deaths, while USA is speeding behind with around 13000 deaths out of which 1000 were registered just in 24 hours. 


Figures available at have useful columns like total recovered patients both globally and country wise. Adding to that is total number of corona patient tests per 1 million people along with many others.




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