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Fake Education Minister Punjab Announces One-Year Holiday, Real Minister Clarifies

As the lockdown crosses the mark of one month, looks like students haven’t had enough fun already. A fake account pretending to be the education minister of Punjab, Dr Murad Ras, announced holidays for a complete one year owing to COVID-19 lockdown. The post was shared so many times that the real education minister had to clarify. Dr Murad on

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Dawn TV Kills UK’s PM, Asked to Apologise

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has issued show-cause notice to Dawn Television after it aired the news of death of United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was suffering from COVID-19 and was in ICU. According to the notice issued by regulatory body, Dawn TV aired news without any cross verification. The show-cause notice ordered Dawn TV to air an

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Govt has NOT increased Any Electricity Charges – Channel 24 Directed to Apologize, Show Cause Notice Issued

The Govt did NOT increase any electricity tariff. Channel 24 has been served with a show cause notice after the fake news of government increasing electricity charges was aired. The channel has also been directed to air an apology along with showing cause. PEMRA has issued show cause notice to Lahore based channel named 24 news HD for broadcasting fake

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