Bitcoin Millionaire Built Functioning Octopus Costume for a 10-year-old with Hypermobility

Erik Finman- bitcoin millionaire, built a functioning octopus costume for a 10-year-old having double joint syndrome in London.

Erik Finman is a college dropout who earned his place through bitcoins. Aristou Meehan is his family friend’s 10-years old son who suffers from hyper-mobility.

He said that his friend’s son wished he could have a fully functional octopus costume. He said that he liked the idea and wanted to peruse it.

The suit can be tried on and attached with fingers. The octopus arms move with the co-ordination of fingers and can be used to do work.


Erik says that he has always been interested in cool projects. He said that after dropping out of college he worked on a lot of projects which gave him the confidence in perusing big dreams.

Finman entered the crypto market 7 years ago when his grandmother gave him $1000. He had bought a total of 401 bitcoins and in 2017 they were worth a total of 5 million dollars, although today they are worth 1.5.

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