Allowing Heavy Bikes on Motorway Challenged

National Highway and Motorway Police have filed appeal against Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) decision of allowing heavy bikes on motorway.

In December last year IHC ordered NH&MP to grant permission to heavy bikers to enter motorway under specific rules and regulations. The NH&MP have gone to supreme court against the decision.

The Motorway spokesperson told that the authorities filed the appeal against the decision of IHC due to safety issues of bikers. He seemed skeptical on heavy bikers following rule on the highway.Before the case went to the supreme court bikers were allowed to enter the motorway under following rules:

  • NHMP will issue cards to bikers which would be cancelled in any traffic law violation. The speed limit would be 110km for bikers.
  • Bike having engine of 600cc and above will be allowed only.
  • Riders less than 30 years will not be allowed, in case of rough driving or one wheeling the biker’s card would be cancelled.
  • In case of cancellation of card rider will not be able to apply for the new card before a six months.
  • Bikers will not be allowed to drive on third or carriageway lane and in order to ensure maximum visibility, bikers must keep headlights on, use good reflectors on bikes and required to wear jackets with visible reflection.
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