All You Need To Know About PSL-4 matches in Karachi

Pakistan Super League 4 (PSL4) brings 8 matches in Pakistan pulling around 30 overseas players to the country. Cricket fans across the country waited anxiously for the PSL-4 to move to Pakistan.

The Lahori heartbreak: It was necessary to transport match related items days before the match was to commence but due to closure of Lahore airport in connection with the Pakistan India heat, the items could not be shipped. The moving of matches to Karachi came as a shock news for Lahori cricket lovers.

Karachiites ready for action: All the gold fell in to Karachi’s pot after all PSL matches were moved to the city of lights. Cricket lovers across the city look pumped up and ready for the matches to begin. Owing to the enthusiasm, authorities are taking extraordinary measures which might lead to difficulties for the audience.

So here is all what you need to know if you want to enjoy some trouble free cricket.

Booking of tickets: Due to the change in schedule the process of buying tickets has also changed a little bit.
1. Tickets of 9th and 14th of March will be available on while another option of buying tickets from TCS express centers will also be available.
2. On 10th, 13th, 15th and 17th of March originally allocated tickets will used.
3. From 18th of March and onward those who bought the tickets for Lahore match will able to refund their payment through TCS express center and those who bought tickets online their transaction will be reversed.

No food from outside stadium: Yes! No edibles will be allowed from outside the stadium; however, food stalls will be available inside the stadium where fans can enjoy their meals while watching the match. Gadgets like power banks and tripods will also be not allowed. This provision is made for the initials matches for the time being.

Shuttle service & arriving time: Shuttle service (250 buses) will be available for transportation of fans from pickup points to the stadium. Total 5 parking areas have been decided from which 1 will be available for VVIP while others for the general public. General public will be allowed to enter in the stadium from 2-5 pm after that no one will be allowed to enter in the stadium.

Traffic Route: Karachi administration and traffic police has announced the traffic plan for the PSL 4.
While University Road will remain open during the matches, only people who reside in the surroundings of the National Stadium will be allowed to go to their homes after showing their identity cards. Alternative routes will be used for smooth traffic flow. No vehicles will be allowed on roads leading to the National Stadium from Karsaz and Millennium Mall, Dalmia Road. The Sir Shah Muhammad Suleman Road from Hassan Square and the road from New Town Police Station leading to the National Stadium will also be closed for general traffic. However, ambulances and attendants of patients will be allowed to visit the Liaquat National Hospital and Aga Khan University Hospital through the New Town Police Station route.
Commuters travelling from Airport to Gulistan-e-Jauhar will take the route from Drigh Road to Millennium Mall and then to Nipa from Rashid Minhas Road. Both tracks of the University Road from Jail Chowrangi to Rashid Minhas and Sharae Faisal will remain open for traffic and general public. The traffic coming from Liaquatabad and Ghareebabad to Hassan Square will be diverted towards Azizabad. The traffic coming towards the University Road from Peoples Chowrangi would be restricted. Roads at the backside of the National Stadium will also be closed for commuters.



Security: According to Sindh police there are a total of three security checks through which you will have to pass to enter in the stadium.

1. Zone 1 (inner gates and inner cordon): responsibility of security lies with Pak Rangers
2. Zone 2 (outer gates and outer wall): responsibility of security will be covered by Police and Pak Rangers.
3. Zone 3: this zone is covered by the Police.

Deployment: Over 13,000 police officers including 1700 lady police and similar numbers of rangers will be deployed around the stadium. In addition to this, 80 night vision cameras inside and outside the stadium will be installed which will be used 24/7 monitoring during the match days. Government also provide security to hotels and nearby hospitals will also be placed on high alert.

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